Who are we ?

"Let's equip ourselves to make our dreams come true"



Our Story

SummitView360 is first and foremost a family affair.

This is the story of Catherine, Nadeau, and Philippe, without forgetting our dear parents Michelle and Jacques who have always supported, listened to and loved us.

SummitView360 is that little corner store that you love to go back to, for the special experience you have had there. Whether for its authenticity or for the quality of service you receive.

The idea for SummitView360 came from a family reunion that did not leave us indifferent.

After a debate on surpassing oneself. Our mother gave us a challenge that is quite original and faithful to the engineer she is.

The challenge was to reach the highest peak in North Africa, but not just any old way! Each of us received a letter from our mother which contained indications for moving to a next step in the adventure. This prompted us to work as a team and collaborate for common success.

I remember getting the idea for this business while I was walking exhausted with my sister and brother by my side.

SummitView360 is not an online store like any other, it's a community, it's a state of mind.

Listening, pro-activity, support, continuous improvement are the promises we make to you who read these few words.



Our objective

Our goal is to help you reach your own Summit, whether it's hiking, photography, skiing, swimming, diving, and even gardening and music!

Quite simply because the outdoors is not only limited to breathtaking landscapes, but also to the emotions that we experience with the people who share these unforgettable moments with us!  


Our mission

Reconnect the human being to nature.

Knowing that the concrete of skyscrapers is interposed between us and nature, and that people are sometimes afraid to venture into the unknown.

SummitView360's mission is to rebuild this bridge between being and nature.


Give back for a better future

Give back to the planet what we took from it. And allow our children and our children's children to reach their peak too!

  • SummitView360 undertakes to donate 5% of all its profits to the Foundation for Nature and Men (founded by Nicolas Hulot)
  • SummitView360 is also committed to paying all its taxes in the country where it is based, in this case Montreal (Canada), because it will only be through civic solidarity that we will all get there together.



Our promise

Help you solve one problem at a time, until you reach your Summit. Because there is nothing more beautiful than a summit view of your own life #SummitView360