Vanessa Thauvette: A story of resilience

We are proud and honored to have the superb athlete Vanessa Thauvette represent the SummitView360 brand.LIGHTRUNNER ULTRA CHAUSSURES CONFORTABLES
Vanessa is no ordinary athlete. She's had to overcome many hardships to get where she is today.

She had to lose more than 54KG (120LBS) and overcome various injuries to win more than 100 medals and come first in one of the toughest races in the world: the #spartanrace Ultra with more than 50KM of obstacles, each more difficult than the last.

For Vanessa, the race is her school of life, enabling her to surpass herself again and again and achieve her 360-degree Summit View.
It perfectly represents the values of SummitView360, which aims to help you reach YOUR own summit.

SummitView360 What's Next?
My LightRunner Ultra never leaves me: comfort, durability and flexibility, it's all there.
Lightrunner ultra confortables minimalistes summitview360

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